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Jan 15, 2018 • The soft opening of Isfera will be finished in about a week. Keep an eye out for events and contests in the works! Meanwhile, please take a look at our word count reminder, and if you see any bugs needing fixed or improvements you think we can make, please let us know!

Jan 8, 2018 • Coding has finished and been tested for bugs. Most of the content is in. We are officially soft opening, and have a Site Opening Event for any who wish to join us!

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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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Spanning across the northwestern edge lies the time battered isles that have long since frozen over. Jagged earthen peaks are encapsulated under ancient layers of ice. Waves lap against the labyrinthine coasts, spanning over miles. Some of the isles are interconnected by false bridges which wash away in the warmer months. Beneath the ice are veritable treasure troves, caverns and underground pathways, places of lore not seen for many years but existing in the memories of the departed.

thou the waters warp by Tristan (4 hours ago)
A soft layer of snow always covers the tundra known colloquially as the Bridgewater Expanse. Arctic winds whip the snow into a flurry and occasionally create whiteout conditions, blocking the view for as far as the eyes can see. The spring brings freezing rains instead of snow, creating icy conditions and transforming the normally safe terrain into a perilous reserve which tries the most seasoned beasts. Even though it spans miles in the winter, during the warmer months the edges retreat.

firstname by Morana (01-15-2018, 10:24 PM)
Surrounded on either side by the great mountains is the Northern Valley. The mountainous edges lose their softness and give way to the ashen rock. Towards the center it opens up and becomes a grassland, often rattled by the sharp winds that blow down from the mountains. Spring brings with it the tenderness of new life, and with it the valley in turn blooms, offering florets of many colors which thrive due to the sparseness of trees which removes competition for resources and attracts animals of prey.

whirl your pointed pines by Tristan (5 hours ago)
Monolithic in appearance the great peak of Mount Ionax rises high above the lands of Isfera, from the apex one can almost see all of the land. Loose ashen soil covers the base of the mountain, turning a red-clay color as the elevation changes and eventually becoming snow-laden at well over 10,000 feet. Vulnerable to avalanches and earthquakes, the mountain is a symbol of reverie and is greatly respected by the inhabitants of Isfera, it is also known for its tumultuous and unpredictable nature.

Splish Splash by Morana (3 hours ago)
In the heart of southeastern Isfera are the lush Highland Pines. Stout evergreens, sparsely decorated with enormous deciduous trees. The acidic ground is covered with plush moss, making the trails afoot comfortable and pleasant for all the travelers. Known as a haven throughout the land, it is rumored that there is a sacred shine concealed deep within the forest, where the oldest trees take root. Every year saplings stretch the border further and further, making the pines one of the largest territories.

Moon Child by Aisha (Yesterday, 08:44 PM)
Situated in a most private and almost intimate location is the Whitewater River, known for its depth, strong currents, and abundant riversides. It is said that many have been swept away by the powerful phenomena. The closer one edges towards the ocean, the fiercer the currents become as they turn into rapids. Where the water bifurcates creates an opportunity where many fish come to spawn, oftentimes attracting predators of many species to congregate within the same area.

Heliosphere by Kazirr (29 minutes ago)
Sheltered at the base of a wide-arched mountain, the Roskurr Steppe is a grand expanse decorated by the distant snowy peaks. Sprouted year-long with fawn colored prairie grass. Hardly any other vegetation grows on the harsh moor. A frequent grazing land for many of the larger herds, the landscape hardly changes throughout the different seasons due to its unique positioning. As an open grassland it is often windy, chilled as it comes down from the nearby mountains.

a little bit of devil, by Corinna (Yesterday, 07:48 PM)
In the balance hangs Asnor Coast, the brink of territory which looks out over a vast and distance ocean. Though the eastern distances can occasionally bring sneak peeks of Shengal Desert, the most captivating part of the Coast is the vegetation. White shores decorated with decadent emerald grasses, water-worn boulders and soft, fine-grain sand. High above are tall palm trees which eventually thicken into tropical brush with occasional gaps, filled only by the dense morning fog which lingers into early afternoon.

forbidden fruit by Kazirr (12 minutes ago)
Unlike central Isfera, The Deadlands have little to offer in the way of life, vegetation, and the items necessary for survival. It is where scrappy, thin-coated lions thrive due to the heat that radiates from above and below. It takes a hardened lion to be able to survive the weathered, sandy Deadlands. Trees dry out and even small creatures like lizards have a difficult time surviving. Sandstorms often reduce visibility, but it is rumored that lesser gods can be found in a buried shrine.

Nothing left to lose by Adedayo (01-15-2018, 03:54 PM)

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