A small alcove on the southern swathe of The Ironwood, Sunset Pointe is a revered destination. The flatlands around it provide ample views, but the soft rolling hills are transformed at sunset and dawn, when the sun makes the hills look as though they’ve been engulfed in flames. Though the phenomena is short-lived, it creates a lasting memory. The shores are open and look out across the large sea that spans towards the next visible land. If one looks closely enough, they can see Shengal Desert.

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The namesake of The Ironwood is evident once one casts their gaze upon the forest. Dense and unwelcoming it is a harsh terrain of darkly colored evergreens. Apart from the trees it is a rather inhospitable land, fed mostly by the salty sea it borders, spanning miles of coastline just north of the Sunset Pointe. At the northernmost area it opens up and clears into a frosty, jagged hillside. The ground is mostly covered with deep, thick roots which make traversing it rather difficult.

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At the very beginning of the Whitewater River is the Ferncliff Forest. Lush as it may be the constantly moist air gives this forest the warmest of temperatures across Isfera and makes it the most dynamic and vigorous of terrains. Densely vegetated it is a proverbial jungle. The grand variety of species that inhabit this terrain offer many learning opportunities and is a favorite for mothers to entertain their cub. Sheltered by the cliffs of the Blacktooth Pass to the west, it stretches across towards the Wintertide.

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Whitewater River
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