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Rogue of Isfera // Also known as
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Gender: Female (Female)
Age: 2.5yrs (September)
Species: Callosus (Small)
Religion: Nonreligious
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Pelt Color: Steel
Eye Color: Teal
Mutations: Fluffy tail

introduction to the character

3'9ft, 428lbs. Polyamorous. Bisexual.

For a Callosus, she's pretty small. It doesn't matter, however, as she still has the strength of a Callosus. The feminine curves that adorn her body are nearly covered in muscles and wooly, long fur. Her pelt is wild; wild as it would be expected for a wild animal. It is long and thick, soft but ragged. A barely visible mohawk runs down the nape of her neck and ends just behind her broad, large shoulders. Her tail is poofy and fluffy, a small and useless mutation given to her by the Gods. Her pelt color is a pale, almost dark steel. It gives her appearance a misleading and cold demeanor, and her eyes almost match her pelt, but are a more colorful (but still pale) shade of teal. There are no patterns on her body, but the steel color is not a solid shade amongst her whole body. It's several, barely noticeable shades of the same color. It doesn't get darker along certain parts of her body, as, again, she has no true body pattern.

Respectful. Loyal to her Kingdom. Honest. Realistic. Logical. Survivalist. Humorous.

She has morales. She has discipline. She has control over herself and will rarely become aggressive. She values loyalty, honesty, and respect. But then, what makes her lawful neutral?

Despite these traits, her evil magic still has somewhat of a hold on her. For while she protects those she loves and defends those in need, that trait is only given towards members of a Kingdom that has earned that love. It doesn't matter if, to say, a pup is in pain if they belong to another pack. What she cares about is those of her Kingdom, and her Kingdom only. The Kingdom comes first before anyone else, even before her.

All she wants is to have a Kingdom safe enough for the cubs of tomorrow to live in without worry, and while she respects people, they don't matter to her in the long run if it means glory to the Kingdom. Her methods of achieving said glory might be controversial to the noble knight--they're deviant, they're cruel, but they'll work. At least in her mind.

Aside from all this Kingdom stuff, she has humor, and likes to spoil free time telling jokes, doing pranks, and wrestling. However, she's far from the happy-go-lucky type. She's a survivalist, a realistic, a logical thinker. She tells the story how it is, without pessimism, optimism, or bias. She tries to think on how a decision could affect her and her Kingdom before she does it, but is prone to forgetting sometimes. There are two beliefs to be pointed out: 1. She believes fighting is a crucial part of social power. You can't be a High Rank if you don't know how to fight. No exceptions. 2. Non-magics are looked down upon by her. She discriminates silently against them, but keeps her thoughts mostly to herself. If they're in her Kingdom, she doesn't mind. If they're a High Rank...there might be some conflict.

character history
She was born in Isfera, but left with her parents before she could make any lasting memories. Away from Isfera, they taught her the values of unity, but also indirectly taught her how useless nonmagics are. Because of the destruction of Isfera, they had not taught her of the Gods, or of Isfera, having lost faith in the Gods. When she became old enough, she explored the world on her own, and eventually came across Isfera again.
points log

current points: 27.00


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