Marjani Alisema Played by Deerling
Rogue of Isfera // Also known as Jani
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Gender: Female (Female)
Age: One Year (May)
Species: Praelia (Large)
Religion: Worshiper of Danica and Livana
Alignment: Neutral Good
Pelt Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Red
Mutations: N/A

introduction to the character

Praelia | 4'2 ft | 440 lbs

Marjani has a gentle appearance. Her eyes are soft and welcoming despite being a deep crimson akin to blood. Her nose is gray like charcoal. Her pawpads are rough from travel -- they have cracked, bled, and healed many times. She has small freckled under her right eye. The majority of the left side of her face is consumed by a bright white mark. The back of her ears are dark brown. A great majority of her body is covered by white piebald. She had spots on her shoulder and a dark saddle beneath it. There are spots scattered across her wrists and tail.

She is built well.

Her muscles have developed and fit her body perfectly.


Cynic | Impartial | Stoic | Protective | Candid | Grim

Marjani has experience much in her young life that someone her age should never have to go through. Naturally, her trust has been greatly damaged. She can confer in no one but her brother, whose intentions she knows well. She has the underlying belief that everyone else is a liar. They merely pretend to be nice in order to extort something from her. She hold greater respect for vile creations who feel no need to hide their crimes than the two-faced liar who merely pretends for their own gain. At least the vile are clear about their intentions.
She is withdrawn herself from jumping to conclusions, for she had seen what such ignorance can do. It is a mistake she never wishes to see herself repeat. Often times, she will remain neutral, or seem to remain neutral, even when her judgement might be critical. She is unable to draw a conclusion based only on one side and will not have a clear stance until she is certain that all parts of the stories have heard. Then and only then will she pass her judgement. Ignorance is abhorred in her eyes above all.
She had gone through great pain and witnessed horrible tortured inflicted on her only friend in the world. She has suffered great emotional anguish and physical pain because of it. Despite this, Marjani has the uncanny ability to take all things considered in stride. She is not quick to expose her emotions to just anyone. At times, even her brother cannot get her to divulge her stresses to him. She does not complain about her pains, nor does she try to hide them. Pain is endured. Pain is weakness leaving the body.
Marjani is viciously protective of her brother. She had gone as far as to murder in order to protect him. While she is not openly aggressive, nor does she seek a fight, endangering the life of those close to her will result in violence. She will not hesitate to bare her fangs. She has lost her innocence but she refused to lose her brother as well. She bled for her brother and she would die for him too.
Marjani does not like to lie. It is not because she believes it is wrong; She has lied on many occasions to deliver judgement. Rather, she does not believe in tickling the ears of those who need to hear the truth. She has little sympathy for hurt feelings when it comes to those who need a reality check. She had been lied to before when she really needed the truth and so, she only sees it fit to refrain from sugarcoating the poison.
Jani does not have a particularly bright outlook on life. She does not believe that all is lost, however, she does accept the grim truths of life, and speaks them as they come. This can make her come off as down right apathetic, coupled with the fact that she does not openly express her emotions, but to her, it is merely another fact of life and there is no hiding from it.

character history

As the old tribe tale goes; in the beginning, there was nothing. There were no birds that roamed the skies, nor worms that crawled in the ground. There were no miracles in the world or blessings to be bestowed. There was no darkness nor light. There was no death nor life. There was only Kuunda, the one who made everything. Kuunda created the sun and stars, the sea and the moon, the rocks and the dirt, the sand and the earth, the birds and the worms, the lions and the antelope, and all in between. Kuunda watched over what it created with indifference. It was neither completely absent nor wholly involved with its creations; they did not do much. Kuunda had not seen a purpose in causing them to die, nor tamper with their evolution. It did not greatly intervene nor try receive attention from all it had created. It subtly guided where guidance was necessary, but otherwise left the world alone. It allowed them to continue to transform, but it found that soon, its creations were complete. Kuunda, deemed that its constant monitoring was no longer necessary and slowly withdrew itself from the realm to create other worlds; evidenced by the stars that scatter the sky. Each representing another world Kuunda created.

Kuunda was not neglectful however, and in its stead, placed Maisha and Kifo, its offspring, in charge of the world. Maisha and Kifo were rambunctious children. The siblings hardly ever got along. They were constantly arguing over what to do with the mortal world. Leave them be as Kuunda had done? Toy with them and change Kuunda’s design? Their bickering eventually had a tremendous effect on the moral realm; the first time life and death touched the world. Kifo caused death to spite Maisha and Maisha stopped death to spite Kifo. This fighting caused hysteria and violence to consume the mortal world, so much so that Kuunda had to return. It saw what Maisha and Kifo had done to the world and decided as their punishment that they would be forced to roam the living world without ever being able to touch them again. Kuunda split Maisha and Kifo into small pieces and scattered them. Each piece grew into a spirit; the shards of Kifo formed evil spirits that promised death. The shards of Maisha were more benevolently inclined, producing blessings were Kifo’s spirits produced curses. Once again, after restoring balance, Kuunda withdrew to continue its work elsewhere, leaving the mortal realm to handle its own affairs.
Many tribes formed after Kuunda had dealt with its offspring. The world was divided by tribes that followed Maisha’s spirits and those that followed Kifo’s spirits. They were constantly at war and many suffered because of it. The Bahati, one such tribe, found in an arid desert, once prosperous and full of lush vegetation. They were faithful followers of Nzuri, one of the spirits formed after Maisha’s demise. They believed that Nzuri had led them to the forest and followed her faithfully. All was well until they displeased her. Perhaps they had not offered enough and, offended, they had lost her disfavor when the droughts came and the plants grew scarce. Their misfortune did not end there. The water grew scarcer, the prey began to disappear, and the tribes once impressive numbers were dwindling to only a hand full. Cubs had been dying long before they were born. The few that survived birth could not bear the desert. Many females had grown infertile. The chieftain, Mkaidi, was desperate, for his wife had borne no children in their five years of marriage. His desperation grew, so much so that he permitted the tribesmen to engage in relations outside of their marriages — something that had never been permitted before. It was a shock to most, but they too, were desperate, and so it was accepted without great protest. Within a few months, and much praying to Nzuri, one of the chieftain's concubines born a son, Enzi.

There was great celebration to be had; Enzi was the only cub to bear that season. Mkaidi, though proud, was not blind to his aging body. He had no great hope that there would be any other born from his bloodline, and so, though he was a bastard by birth, Mkaidi named Enzi his successor. Mkaidi had Enzi groomed to be the next chieftain, inflating the boy’s ego in the process. Despite Enzi being the named heir, Mkaidi had not ceased his attempts to bear more children, even though he felt the chances were slim — something that did not sit well with Enzi. He knew that his position would be threatened should Mkaidi ever prosper again — he was but a bastard. Other bastards would fight for his position; a legitimate child would push him out of the picture entirely. Enzi was committed to the idea of never having to share his throne, and plotted to murder his father. He had contrived an intricate plan, one that would leave little to the imagination as to who was responsible. Mkaidi was old and weak in his eyes, and so, Enzi sought to poison him. He had everything planned down to the minute and was prepared to set his scheme into motion...until Eshe, Mkaidi’s wife announced her pregnancy. It was bad that Eshe was pregnant, it was even worse that other lionesses were announcing that they too were with cubs. Enzi was completely enraged and soon found his perfect plan crumbling around him. If he were to kill Mkaidi now, the blame would be pinned on him, so, Enzi was left to hoping that Eshe would lose her litter, as she had before.

His hope did them no favors, for her litter did see its completion, and he had lost his position.

The twins.

Eshe had bore twins, a sign of great favor from Nzuri in the eyes of the tribe. They were identical in every right. One could not tell them apart if it were not for the white marking that found itself on opposite sides of their faces. This was cause for a celebration even greater than that of Enzi’s, and he quickly grew bitter towards them. The girl was named Marjani, and the boy was dubbed Inajram. The tribe seemingly forgot about Enzi completely. He was no longer a successor, but rather, a bastard. The twins were worshiped as gods descended from Kuunda itself. It was said that the ground which they walked was holy. They could do no wrong. Their godhood was cemented when the seasonal rains returned, and with rain, the forest and the prey came abundant again. The celebrations returned in full force. The twins were given offerings in place of Nzuri, and they became walking gods. Enzi lurked in the background, bitter and furious, plotting to end them both while the tribe continued to worship them.

Until Inajram failed to sprout a mane.

Suddenly, the praise and worship stopped. The celebrations ceased and the offerings no longer came. Soon, the tribe began to curse them. They had not been blessed with a god at all, rather, a devil, Mnafiki. Mnafiki had possessed Inajram, using the boy’s body as a vessel to bring destruction on them all. It did not take long for the tribe to turn against him. Mkaidi was unwilling to kill his son, as were the wishes of the tribe, and instead, turned to the shaman, Adisa. Adisa grew in power, for Mkaidi was willing to do anything to purify his son. Marjani was spirited away, to Adisa’s chambers no less, while Inajram was imprisoned. His only company would be the tribe’s shaman. Adisa starved the boy to “exorcise” Mnafiki to abandon his body. Inajram was forced to the ground and suffocated until he was on the verge of death, in another brutal attempt to purify his spirit. He was beaten by the tribe in purification rituals. He was forced to breathe the choking smoke of fire for days on end. His torment did not cease. Marjani remained in the background, unable to assist her brother aside for her cries to him. When the shaman decided that the other “exorcisms” were not sufficient, he began to use Marjani. He would bleed her into bowls and bathe Inajram in her blood. For some time, his sister’s blood would be the only thing for him to drink less he shrivel up and die. Enzi remained in the background, ignored, but he was still planning when he wasn’t tormenting Inajram himself.

His plans came to pass the night Mkaidi was mysteriously found dead in his den; murdered. He had crafted everything carefully. The blame never came to him. They suspected Inajram naturally, but when they saw the blood on his maw and smelled the pungent iron on his breath and saw the fur in his claws; he was sentenced to death. Marjani would not let her brother die, nor would she allow anyone to stop her. She crept out in the middle of the night into the shaman’s den where her brother was being imprisoned. She lured Adisa to her bed and when the moment presented itself, she struck him dead. Slipping away from the bloody scene she freed her brother and together they fled the lands in search of a new home.

And they did find one.


Name pronounced as: (MAAR-YAWN-KNEE/YAWN-KNEE)
Speaks Jâjoian
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current points: 9.00


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