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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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Adedayo Collias Played by Pocky
King of Akrar // Also known as Ade, Dayo, Dao, Ado
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Gender: Male (Male)
Age: 2 years (February)
Species: Harenae (Extra Small)
Religion: Worshiper of Danica
Alignment: Neutral Good
Pelt Color: Black
Eye Color: Teal
Mutations: Horns and long teeth

introduction to the character

Adedayo is tiny, even compared to others of his own species. He's not intimidating at all, due to just how small he is, although he may try to be. He stands at only 2'0 feet, towered over by any lions who may even be just a bit larger. To add to his small size, he only weighs 240 pounds, landing him right into the healthy range. If he was any taller, his light weight would make him unhealthy; as it is, he's fine.

Adedayo is coated in a solid black, with the exception of a few markings here and there. Three white dots are underneath both eyes, a sudden bright color against the darkness of his fur. This same color of snowy white also comes in the form of tiger stripes that cover all four legs and his tail. The edges of his ears are white as well. His mane, seemingly much more fluffy and large compared to the lion, is also white in color.

Adedayo is not without his scars, despite his young age. A small, jagged scar goes over his left eye...Or where his left eye would be. Instead, it's gone, although the wound is long healed by then. Of course, it's not pretty to look at. His other eye, his remaining eye, is a vibrant teal, with flecks of gold inside if one looks close enough.

Adedayo's wound is not what may draw the most attention. Two ebony horns rise from his skull, curling backwards to rest at his cheek. His canines, as well, are slightly longer, poking out from his jaws and causing trouble whenever he's trying to speak.


Adedayo, despite his tiny size, has a temper that could rival a lion that may be twice his size. The slightest thing would make him annoyed, and, if it continues, he's likely to lash out. Although, as quickly as he lashes out, his anger will fade into annoyance once more. While it may be violent and sudden, his anger fortunately does not last long, and it usually revolves around words rather than his claws and teeth. Eventually, when he's feeling better, he'll apologize. He doesn't exactly like his short temper while he's in a fine mood, and, if he lashes out, he'll begin to overthink what he said afterwards. If nothing else, his guilt will get the better of him after he calms down, and he'll feel bad even if everything is okay.

He's a bit grumpy, even if he's not annoyed or mad. It's a given, when it comes to Adedayo. He isn't extremely snarky or sarcastic, but his answers do have a certain tone to them if he believes the answer to be obvious. He won't go out of his way to insult someone, although it may seem otherwise. Those who know him, or want to get to know him, will have to learn fairly quickly that his grumpiness and sarcastic answers just come with him.

Adedayo doesn't like his small height being pointed out. Deep down, he's self conscious of it, and how the others tower over him. He wants to be tall, and be someone to watch out for. Instead, he's someone to be watched out for due to his tiny size. He knows he can't help it, so, instead, he'll try his best to focus on becoming someone that the others know for reasons other than his height. A bit ambitious, sure, but he believes he can do it. And that's all that matters, right?

Even if he won't admit it, Adedayo is a hopeless romantic. He believes in love at first site, in soulmates, and that his is out there somewhere. He dreams up what will happen; he'll be in a pride, in a higher rank, and some male will wander in all handsome and eye catching...His daydreams usually don't continue after that, instead being interrupted by something moving or catching his eye. Every time, as well, the lion changes.

character history
0 months - 6 months

- Born to a litter of two, one being him and one being his little sister. Born into a large pride that held customs high up. His mutations are viewed as an omen, although it will be unsure if it's good or bad.

- Begins to explore in the den, meets another litter around his age of two twin brothers. Is drug into friend group, along with sister.

- Is taken out to explore territory with sister and friends, not allowed to stray far from mothers. Friend group jokes around and playfights instead of paying attention.

- Sister wakes him up and demands that they look outside the territory. He refuses and falls back asleep, with his sister becoming mad and going anyways. Adedayo wakes up to find that his sister had been picked up and carried by a large bird.

- Adedayo falls into mourning, and refuses to play with his friends, who eventually give up and hang around him, offering support.

- Adedayo eventually recovers, and is starting training, along with his friends. It's rough and hard to finish, but he manages to get it done. His friends, due to their larger size, do not struggle as much as Adedayo.

- All lions of six months are gathered to have a ritual. Adedayo, and the twins, were part of the group. This ritual would be a fight, to see what the cubs learned. It would end when one gave in, or was unable to fight. Adedayo was set against one of his friends, and the battle was quick and violent, with a stray attack taking Adedayo's eye. Panicked and in pain, he gave in, and the fight was over. He didn't stay around to see the results.

7 months - 1 year

- Adedayo grew apart from the twins with the loss of his eye, instead focusing on trying to get used to the suddenness of not being able to see. Training was hard enough, but now it was even harder.

- The twins cornered Adedayo with the intent of apologizing. Despite Adedayo knowing that it wasn't on purpose, his temper got the better of him, and their words turned bitter and angry, with Adedayo leaving the scene.

- Adedayo continued to focus on training, nearing the point of overworking himself. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the twins sneaking glances towards him, but he remained the same. Cold and refusing to look at them.

- During a rough time of training, Adedayo overworked himself to the point of exhaustion, and a lion came to his aid. Although he couldn't remember the face, he had a feeling of who it was, and approached the twin he had been forced to fight not long ago. It was confirmed, and Adedayo apologized, his apology eventually being accepted.

- A need to see the world came over Adedayo when he became a year, and, over time, he began to want to see the world. He told his plans to the twins, who agreed. They began to plan what to do.

13 months - 2 years

- With the months passing quickly, the trio began to plot their escape. It didn't take as short of time as they had planned, with arguments breaking out between them over which direction they could take. They got it settled, eventually, and began to plan what they would do.

- The day arrived, with Adedayo talking to his parents in private and telling the plans. They would leave at night, walk long enough to get out of the territory, and then call it a night. While his parents protested at first, he managed to convince them; he was a year and six months, and it was time that he did something important. That night, they met in darkness, heading right out of the territory and going as far as they could before stopping and sleeping.

- After a month of traveling, Adedayo found himself being all too aware of one of the twins. It didn't take him long to figure it out, but he was too scared of what his friend may say to admit his feelings. And so he stayed quiet, joking around and trying to ignore it.

- A violent storm broke while Adedayo was hunting, and in the rain and wind, he found himself lost. Scared and hoping his friends would find him, he seeked shelter, eventually finding it in a small cave. For a while, he huddled there until daylight broke. He was expecting to see his friends, but either he was too far or they had continued on without him.

- He wandered aimlessly for months, eventually finding himself in a new land. He was different, older, but he decided that it would be a good land to start over in.

points log

current points: 18.00


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