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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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Morana Played by Azzy
Queen of Wintervale // Also known as
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Gender: Female ()
Age: 2 years (January)
Species: Callosus (Extra Large)
Religion: Worshiper of Danica
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Pelt Color: Black
Eye Color: Purple

introduction to the character

Born of the night, dressed in the depths of the abyss. She is the perfect image of the night sky with no stars. Her fur, though covered in fluff to keep her warm, is cleaned and kept to perfection. She believes in nothing more than just that. Purple orbs, starking against the gray shades of the circles that encircle them. Brightening them up and showing off the spark of fire and desire that is held deep within her massive form. On top of her head is the glorious coverage of a half mane. Much like her pelt, it is the abyss from below, the edges and tips of her mane is dipped in the blood of her enemies. Sprouting from the pink of her nose and covering a small bit of the bridge is a deep red [ almost fire-like ] nose blaze. A lighter shade of the ebon fur covers her muzzle and chest, down to her belly. Upon her back is a smokey dorsal stripe that covers her spine and soon joins to cover the entirety of her tail. She is larger than most, tipping the scale 6'0 feet tall and 650lbs. Morana is not afraid to throw her weight around.


  • Distant: Morana has lived most of her life in the cliffs. In solitude for most of her life. She once had a family but they all got lost, injured or have disappeared for good since the rise of the destruction god Daivat. She keeps to herself, silence is her friend, her companion for as long as she knows. With that, she does not know how to handle those things called; emotions. She isn't fond of strangers and though she will not be rude, or hostile towards, them she is rather blunt and will show signs of distrust.
  • Loyal: Though Morana is not the type to pledge her loyalty to just anyone, once she has began to trust you she will be loyal until someone has given her a reason to not be. With her loyalty comes a lot of things. She will back you up on many things unless she deems it unworthy of Danica; so if you worship Daivat - good luck.
  • character history
    She is the daughter of an Empress. Daughter of an amazon. Born into a tribe in the mountains before it was ruined by the tumbling of rocks. Morana sets out on a journey just a year prior to finding the outskirts of Isfera. Now that she has found it; she is here to stay.

  • March Year 1: Returns to Isfera and reclaims her home, Wintervale, how she does not know where her family or former civilians are since the God Daivat took over and weakened her precious Goddess Danica. Since Daivat has taken over, she now knows that there are other Kingdoms further south. Away from the cold and bitter fingers she calls friends. And so far, the only other ruler she has met from the South is Jafar of Ashspire.
  • miscellaneous
    She has no family.

    Wary of:

    Mate(s): N/A

    Morana can speak Greek, Japanese and English.

    Prides & Ranks
    Wintervale - Queen
    1.11.18 - Present
    ⚔ Victories & Defeats ☠
    Morana v. Who -- About -- Link/Result
    points log

    current points: 135.00


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