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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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Ivizzi Sihirli Played by graive
Rogue of Isfera // Also known as Vizzi
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Gender: Female (Female)
Age: 2 (November)
Species: Callosus (Large)
Religion: Worshiper of Danica and Livana
Alignment: Neutral Good
Pelt Color: Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Mutations: Wings

introduction to the character

It would seem this girl, from birth, was born with a grace and beauty of a Queen. She is the spitting image of a long past ancestor; her great-grandmother, though only in the ethereal charm that she exudes. As if carved from winter itself, the fairy is decorated in a canvas of pastels. Eyes the color of a cool winter sky stare out at the world in shameless wonder, ever curious to know more. Two stripes, inherited from her Ven'detta and Delekr blood, cast out from the corners of her almond shaped eyes; and beneath are multi-colored freckles that kiss her cheeks. The fairy has a thicker, fluffier appearance than most, as well, notable on multiple parts of her body. Her coat is a soft, delicate shade of gray that tapers down into an even lighter shade to color her undersides. Long legs hold her high above most, standing at an impressive height of five feet, two inches, Ivizzi is an amazon. Though not as hefty as one, she will be built for speed - holding a subtle power that is seen within the sleekness of her muscle and the lithality of her movements. Weighing a small five hundred pounds, for her species she is lighter. A mane of pristine white sits upon her crown, draping to one side or the other - small strands stray here and there over her delicate brow. Like her father, Ivizzi's thighs and shoulders are decorated with sharp, contrasting stripes that have a particular gradient of white and gray - giving her an almost shiny silver look about her. The tail of this girl is much like that of a deer, short and cropped, it extends softly into a thickly furred manx tail that can often be seen standing straight up, flashing the white that is beneath. Above her hips, caressing just above her tail are freckles that mimic the ones touching her cheeks. Brilliant wings curl tightly against her long form, massive in size when unfurled. They are the same hue of gray as her main coat with white, silvery tips. The undersides flash a magnificent white when exposed. These give her a bit more mobility than most of her kind.

Accessories: Dangling white crystal crown, white crystal necklace with pearl, a black and white feather in ear.

She is a child of wonder, of mysticism. Quiet and reserved, she holds her tongue as she believes actions speak louder than words. Ivizzi reveres the world around her, worshiping every aspect of it. The sun, the moon, the wind, the water - they are all individual spirits that call and speak to her. Since birth she has always seemed wise beyond her age. An untold knowledge sits tucked behind her cool blue eyes. To most she will appear aloof, disenchanted by the typical restraints expected of her kind, but deep down - she is curious and eager to learn. Ivizzi is not afraid to smile, to laugh, to cry; but she will always put on a brave face and would never dare to do those things in front of just anyone. She is a wanderer; lost, trying to find a place where she truly belongs and aches for something more. She is a natural leader, taking control of most situations with a startling grace. The girl holds herself with confidence and she is, above all things: fearless. Stubbornness runs in her blood, however, and due to this she will never stand down from her convictions and beliefs. Traditional in a sense, she has a strong ideal that the world works a certain way and that should not be disturbed. When it comes to the ways of love, Ivizzi is usually oblivious to her own feelings and the feelings of others. Admiration, affection, closeness - it all comes naturally to her, and she will always wish to be physical with those she deems her friends, but the fairy will need to be taught otherwise.
character history
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FULL NAME » ivizzi kieva sihirli
PRONOUNCED » ĭ-vizz-ī see-hear-leh
ORIENTATION » polyamorous

PRIDE » ---
RANK » ---


MATE(S) » Dragunov
LOVES » Dragunov
HURT BY » ---
TRUSTS » Dragunov
LIKES » ---

WARY OF » ---
HATES » ---
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