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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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Bengal Silas Played by Hinterland
Rogue of Isfera // Also known as Beng
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Gender: Male (Male)
Age: 5 years (November)
Species: Callosus (Extra Large)
Religion: Worshiper of Danica
Alignment: Lawful Good
Pelt Color: White
Eye Color: Yellow
Mutations: Wings

introduction to the character

A pale, broad and flowing-pelted lion with a whimsical smile and a deceivingly perceptive glint to his pastel gold eyes. Undeniably massive, Bengal always seems to take up too much space and rightly so; he stand at 6'0" tall and weighs in at roughly 630lbs.

Beng is stocky in the traditional way of his species, evenly built beneath their wispy fur. Square-jawed and with a roman profile, it's not difficult to miss the scar across his nose, slashed through the corner of his left eye and the torn ears he sports between the thick tufts of his equally-pale mane, dusted with the slightest flecks of silver.

Branching near his shoulders, where fur turns into tiny feathers, Bengal sports a pair of massive wings. They're easily triple his general body length in wingspan, and are the same white as his body. The tips gently fade into bars of gold, but are only really visible when he has his wings unfurled. The undersides of his wings show the colour more strongly, it is noticeably more vibrant. Because of his size, Bengal's stamina during flight is poor - he prefers to clamber to high places and glide, as it takes a lot of energy to merely get himself off the ground.


kind-hearted, Warm and generally just friendly, Bengal's trademark soft smile is usually genuine. He can never turn down anyone in need of aid; even if he knows he's being taken advantage of. He has sympathy for even stranger's woes, offering a listening ear for any troubled souls he may come across. Healing doesn't have to just be skin deep, after all.

sensitive, Naturally attentive and concerned for others, Bengal has fragile feelings. Although he doesn't consider it masculine to show them, he's easily wounded by sharp, personal attacks and betrayl.

peaceful, Bengal is wary of conflict. He is a poor fighter and refuses to fight back when challenged; he will either back out or let himself be struck. For others, he is a protector and will readily throw himself in harms way to defend them. For the majority of the time, this gentle giant prefers to talk his way out of bad situations.

giving, Generous to the point of being nearly overly so, Bengal can be easily pushed into giving up his things, even if they're emotionally significant. He likes doing good deeds, and sharing is easily one of the best.

civilised, Raised to have impeccable manners, Bengal is very driven to use titles, respectful language, and dislikes crass or crude language. He eagerly follows the rules and traditions of his society, and it shocks him when others don't - he is a little judgemental towards lions who don't believe in the gods.

power-hungry, Although it's subtle and he generally doesn't show it, a kindling flame to rise lays within him. He desires fame, recognition... he just doesn't know where or how to get such a thing.

knowledge-hungry, There's a lot to see and a lot to learn in the world. Bengal has goals of exploring and seeing everything there is to see. A small part of him equates knowledge with power. If he learns all he can, he assumes it will propel him into prosperity and fame.

emotionally gullible, His overly trusting natuere and desire to see good in his fellow felines makes Bengal a simple guy to trick. He falls for fake tears and feelings far too easily - seeing how he wears his heart on his sleeve, it makes him incredibly vulnerable to close friends.

nagging, It's a bad habit, but Bengal is incredibly fussy over his friends. He picks up on the smallest things and will bug them about it. He does it thinking of their health and wellbeing and doesn't realise it's annoying.

sharp-witted, Although he looks soft and slow, Danica has blessed Bengal with a powerful mind. He is quick to pick up on small details, to react to situations and plan ahead. Although he can be a little disorganised at times, he likes to be several steps ahead of his enemies and rely on teamwork rather than blunt strength to solve things.

rational, Often relaxed and an observer, Bengal's clear-headed style of thought makes him an appropriate judge and negotiator. He rarely lets his emotions get the better of him, and purposefully doesn't hold grudges. He often disregards pride relations in favour of his own (usually peaceful) agendas.

character history
ic history

march y1, bengal returns to nothern isfera once spring starts to thaw the land.


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