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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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Sollee Chagrin Played by Koon
King of Ciannid // Also known as
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Gender: Male (♂)
Age: 3 Years (August)
Species: Praelia (Large)
Religion: Nonreligious
Alignment: True Neutral
Pelt Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Mutations: Long Teeth, Fluffy Tail

introduction to the character

- A thick, sleek charcoal black coat hugs Sollee's frame, with an even darker black mane. His hair is wiry and long, though his mane especially tends to stick out in odd, stubborn directions. One million cowlicks.

- His coat is accented with a rich mahogany color--like a really fancy desk in your dad's office. These saturated accents are found on his muzzle, cheeks, brow dots, and socks.

- Sollee is large for a Praelia lion, standing at 4'2 tall and weighing an average of 425lbs. He is a bit lean for his size, his muscle toned and his legs long and limber, though he is by no means thin.

- His chin is especially pointed and angular, perhaps his most notable and appealing facial feature. His ears are large and round, his face contoured by fur thinner than on the rest of his body. If one is looking for a flaw they might notice that his eyes are somewhat too close together.

- The genetic lottery has awarded him elongated teeth, looking somewhat like saber fangs. They rest neatly on either side of his jaw, sometimes catching on his lip much to his irritation. His tail is fluffier than the average lion's, appearing far more like that of a leopard without a tail tuft.

- His eyes are a deep green, like evergreen trees and caterpillars. Their default expression is a glare of concentration--brow dots furrowed, lips tight. He has a signature smile, one of a mouth gaping open in a laughing grin and his eyes squinted shut. Don't make fun of him for it or he'll punch you.


decisive, direct, insatiable, fix-it-man, stubborn, dramatic, attention-whore, status-quo, loyal, noble, self-sacrificing, smug, sarcastic, nurturing,

Sollee has never half-assed anything--or if he had, he would never admit to it. He takes action and makes decisions and needs every aspect of his life wrapped up with a pretty ribbon at all times. He is direct about his intentions and insatiable about getting what he wants. This Chagrin knows when he is right (it's always) and will have a difficult time hearing out other opinions. He is the kind of man that cannot listen to a complaint without offering a million suggestions, even if you only want empathy; in the end he is more likely to go out and fix the problem himself just to make you shut up.

He has a flare for the drama of life. Each emotion he feels rocks him to his very core, though Sollee has an odd way of expressing this. He shows his loyalties fiercely and with devotion, though this is through action rather than words. Those who know him will likely have a system for telling his feelings by reading his deeds and moods, while the lions unfamiliar with Sollee might think him heartless or even cruel.

He is a sucker for a reaction, good or bad--all attention is good attention. Most words out of his mouth are to get a task accomplished or get some nerves riled. He speaks in a slow and precise manner, though his voice is more gravely than it is deep. His humor is sarcastic and smug, a real asshole on the surface--though it is usually matched with his cheesy grin and cackling laugh.

Sollee's redeeming traits lie in his true love for others. He loves deeply--his favorite hunting pals, his wives, his children--anyone allowed into the intimate setting of his life will be loved with every move he makes.

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current points: 17.00


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