Altarra Sihirli Played by xarkla
Rogue of Isfera // Also known as Tarra
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Gender: Female (Female)
Age: 2 years (October)
Species: Praelia (Large)
Religion: Worshiper of Danica
Alignment: Neutral Good
Pelt Color: Gray
Eye Color: Purple
Mutations: Wings

introduction to the character

Standing at 4'0 feet tall and weighing in at 425 lbs. The woman's palette consists of gray and white. Gray coats her form except for the white that takes over on the Sihirli's undersides and toes. Tail tuft is dipped in white as well, while the light color begins to take over on her flanks forming a pale gradient of stripes. Lilac orbs are enhanced by a curve of white on the top of both eyes as well as surrounded by two stripes underneath each visual organ. The woman's features also contain fluffy cheeks that stray from her gray pelt to give a white coating that runs from her ears to her mouth before forming a band above the nose. Finally her last features are a mane and wings, both of which blend from a gray to white.


* Altruistic - Motherly

Family is a major component to Altarra. The lioness can often be seen around her cousin and sister - the only members left of their surname causing an unbreakable bond between the three. Additionally, she is more of a 'mother' figure and has quite the soft spot for children. As a worshipper of Danica, she's a strong believer in nurture over nature when it comes to interactions with other individuals.

* Daring - Fearless

Despite the softness that encompasses her curvy figure, the woman is quite bold in her endeavors. Her ambitious nature mixed with a bold approach to challenges creates a dangerous blend of an unstoppable woman once she has her mind set on something.

* Honest - Dependable

Altarra is against lying and prefers to say things how she feels or views them. Although due to her good nature the Sihirli will do her best to be polite on her viewpoints and considerate of other beliefs. She is quite dependable and stays true to any promises she makes and always lends a shoulder to cry on for those she cares about.

* Passionate - Spirited

As a worshipper of Danica, Altarra holds herself to the beliefs of the sun goddess and performs generous acts whenever the opportunity arises. Prayers and rituals held in the goddess's name are sacred to the Sihirli and she can often be found at one of Danica's shrines when seeking advice in hard times. As a welder of magic she pledges to use it only for good and never evil.

character history
Wings & Gray pelt are free due to soft opening.

*Speaks English and Sky Language.

points log

current points: 15.00


affiliates & credits
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