Nikiri X'uekai Played by Synn
Rogue of Isfera // Also known as Nik
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Gender: Female (Female)
Age: 3 (October)
Species: Praelia (Extra Large)
Religion: Nonreligious
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Pelt Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Mutations: Horns, Wings

introduction to the character

She is the ghost, the pallid succubus hovering over those who slumber. Pure white and pristine is her coat of silk, purity broken only by exotic gray stripes upon her slender shoulders, and stockings upon forelimbs. Toes which sheath deadly talons of onyx are each touched by a softer, more delicate gray, a fog which also touches belly and chest. Resting on the tip of her angular snout is a pink nose with an ashen blaze sweeping back toward the center of her regal brow. Upon her crown burns a half mane of fire, thick ruby locks to blaze in the wind and veil her right eye while at rest--leaving one orb of star-light-blue to glare out at the world. Twin horns of onyx sprout from the hard bone of her pate and rise from wild tresses, angling back before curving forward at wicked points. weighing 500bs and standing 4'8” tall she is a flawless blend; slender and muscular. A force to be reckoned with.


Aggressive | Passionate | Farsighted | Ambitious | Effeminate | Callous | Narcissistic | Vindictive | Nefarious
A vain and driven creature, she has always longed for power. Oftentimes, she expects those around her recognize her magnificence, and tends to be inclined to approve of an individual if they offer reverence in her presence. Those who dare go against her, however, cannot expect words of praise to save them. She is vindictive, an expert at holding a grudge, and her hate can easily become an obsession. She thrives on conflict and blossoms in chaos. Passion drives her to be impatient, though she has learned the value of foresight. Not everything can be solved with claw and fang, much to her chagrin, but winning the long-game can be almost as rewarding as battle. She can be quite unfeeling, and views emotion as a weakness. Despite a cold exterior, she displays a need to be touched when surrounded by the few individuals she trusts.
character history
She was born a princess, but enjoyed a free crown for only a short time. Growing up, she longed for nothing more than to reclaim the throne her father had lost. Eventually, she achieved her goal, but held the territory for only a short time before falling victim to a hunting accident. Eventually, after healing, she found a new crown elsewhere, and reigned as Empress of a Swamp Haven until the valley which it resided in soured, and she was forced to venture elsewhere...
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points log

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