Lucifer Teivel Played by Corvus
Rogue of Isfera // Also known as
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Gender: Male (Male)
Age: 2 years (October)
Species: Callosus (Extra Large)
Religion: Nonreligious
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Pelt Color: Maroon
Eye Color: Heterochromia
Mutations: wings, horns

introduction to the character

His primary color is a deep, rich, maroon, only marginally lighter at his toes. His mane and tail tuft are a darker shade, with stripes of black that fade out toward his face, and toward the "end" of his tail. His eyes are a bright red - a single thin ring of pure gold decorates the left, equidistant from the edge of the iris and the pupil. In stark contrast to the otherwise dark theme, Lucifer proudly bears a mask of stark white on his face which encompasses his muzzle, stretches under his chin, sweeps under each eye, and rises to a point on his forehead just under the line where his mane begins in the front. Wings sprout from his back, the feathers a deep maroon similar to his mane, tipped in an iridescent black - like an oil slick. Twin black horns rise from his skull, nestled against his hairline.

Even as a child, the beast was large, and, now grown, he towers over the smaller species. Lucifer has topped out at an even six feet in height and his 650 pound bulk is largely muscle. Both due to the thicker fur of his species, and his dark color, he prefers the night and the cooler temperatures. His stride is confident, and steps silent, he tends to glide with a curious grace despite his size.


Even Evil Has Standards - rape is a special kind of evil - faux affably evil - kick the dog

Lucifer has never been one to censor himself. Whether he inherited his father's foul mouth, or if it's simply a result of the environment in which he was raised, no one can truly say. Regardless, his speech is often peppered with curses and other such "crass" language. He does not worry about sparing anyone's feelings, either, and will say exactly what is on his mind without caring whether or not it comes across as too blunt.

On the other hand, he can be quite the little charmer when properly motivated and won't think twice about spinning pretty lies if it gets him what he wants. He'll promise a girl (or boy) the world if it'll get them to sleep with him, and he'll often cast them aside after without losing any sleep over it. It only takes a pretty face to capture his interest, but a special creature to keep it.

Pride, and aggression, is often his undoing. Lucifer has been an arrogant little thing from the start, with a violent temper and a stubborn refusal to stand down, even if there is absolutely no way he'd manage to come out on top in a situation. Enemies, however, are rarely directly tormented. He will go after friends and family with the intent to break them down in front of the one who has crossed him.

sir swears a lot - cluster f bomb - will punish your friend - revenge by proxy
character history
points log

current points: 15.00


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