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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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Jendayi Ma'ahin Played by North
Civilian of Ashspire // Also known as Jen, Jenny
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Gender: Female (Female)
Age: 1 year (March)
Species: Harenae (Small)
Religion: Nonreligious
Alignment: Neutral Good
Pelt Color: Gray
Eye Color: Heterochromia
Mutations: None

introduction to the character

She is a dainty creature, fur plush and fluffy, yet frame otherwise nimble and small. Jendayi resembles much the species she was born from, but her traveling to the north at such a young age has begun to thicken her fur against the cold. She does not have the same affinity for water as her mother, but has still inherited the traits similar to her birthlands. Her legs are short and stocky, however, and where she may once have been skinny she has begun to grow plump. Her tail is long, but not entirely unusual, and her fur is extra fluffy around her hocks. Also, peculiarly, she has incredibly long chest and belly fur, reaching all the way from her thighs toward the bottom of her throat. This fur is dusted in dark gray.

Jendayi is not a woman of simplicity, of minimalistic beauty. She is a gray dove, a pale lioness dusted in a soft ash. Darker stripes curve around her body much like a wildcat, and a dark dorsal reaches from her nose blaze toward the tip of her tail, oftentimes breaking and branching away in odd, unkempt streaks. Underneath the stripes and soft gray are splotches of pure white, sharp socks cutting away any hints of gray and curving up her legs before ending abruptly near the shoulders. Her underbelly and neck are white, as well, with the brighter color reaching toward her muzzle, and up the crests of her nose toward her eyes. The underside of her tail is also covered in white. On the right side of her face just past her nose is a small yet pronounced beauty mark.

Contrasting to her desaturated pelt is the pale gold of her nose, pawpads, and tail tip. Tendrils of soft golden light break away the dark gray of her tail, oftentimes almost illuminated in the right lights. Her right eye compliments this, with its golden gaze shifting from a deep orange at the top toward the glistening gold at the bottom. Her left eye is different, however, as it lingers between a pale blue and melts away to a gentle purplish pink. Adorned on either sides of her crown and tucked in her ears are golden flowers, oftentimes golden lilies, that are fed by the regeneration of her good magic, and are kept alive even in the harshest of environments.


listen to her voice.

She hides her sadness in a blinding light. She is a gentle softness that cannot be corrupted, cannot be fettered. She is innocence embodied in the form of a lioness, and a lover of the lush green forests and the mountains that kiss the peaks of the sky. She is fascinated by the sun, the moon, the stars; she watches from the highest peaks the world that changes and shifts around her. She cares little for the society and lions that dwell within, and does not share the same kinmanship most others do for each other. Jendayi is detached; she struggles in each presented social setting and instead defers to a soft-spoken, gentle demeanor. She is, however, happy in all things she does; she can often appear the fickle and unfettered spirit.

There is a haunting sadness about her, however, as if something is long missing and long gone. She cannot recall much of her past, and instead defers to the supposed spirits of the forests that guide her ways. She dismisses the Gods (for to her, it is unbelievable something that never walked the mortal earth could be responsible for its creation), and instead seeks the endlessness of the untouched terrain to seek her answers. She is searching for something unreachable, something unknown. Often she is found murmuring to herself, and attempting to interact with the frightful animals of the forests.

She is no stranger to work, and often does she attempt to contribute herself where needed. Friends are hard to come by, but the world is her acquaintance; Jendayi never lets anyone past her surface level, but is content to meet new faces wherever she may go, hoping that they have many stories to share. She is avidly interested in the arts of healing and creation, magic having always come easily to her.

character history
Adelaïde x ???

Separated from her mother at a young age, does not remember much before that, does not know where she comes from. Wanders Isfera heading toward the North.

points log

current points: 48.00


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