Viktor Moroz Played by Corvus
of Isfera // Also known as
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Gender: Female (Male)
Age: 3 years (December)
Species: Callosus (Small)
Religion: Nonreligious
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Pelt Color: Steel
Eye Color: Heterochromia
Mutations: Antlers, Long Claws

introduction to the character

A creature of frost and ancient ice. Pale steel, his primary color is well suited to the high mountains and snowy expanses at least one of his biologic parents most likely hailed from. Pristine white stretches up his legs, dispersing into a more mottled pattern near his elbows and just above his knees. The same bright color paints his muzzle, undersides, and appears at his inner ears. He is Collosus, yes, but it is quite possible one parent (or other ancestor somewhere down the line) belonged to one of the smaller species. Viktor's build is leaner than his thick fur makes him appear; he's settled into the very bottom range for a "small" example of his species.

The feature he's most fond of may surprise some. It isn't the bone-white antlers adorning his skull, or the abnormally long claws which he takes care to maintain, but his eyes. A vibrant mix of colors, starting with a ring of bright magenta along the outside of the iris, which fades to cyan, and finally a neon teal around the pupil.


It Amused Me - Heel-Face Revolving Door - Wild Card - Opportunistic Bastard

Mostly out for his own amusement, Viktor is a creature who tends to float through life. His knowledge of many common customs is minimal due to the semi-secluded nature of the group who raised him. He is not well-versed in politics, or even ranking systems beyond having heard of them in passing. He is, however, exceptionally laid back and only marginally malicious. He has a deep fondness for chaos, but usually prefers watching if it seems like a situation where he could actually get hurt. Opportunistic, but cowardly, Viktor will seize moments that seem as if they would benefit him, but will put his own safety and survival above all else. His loyalty is fickle, at best, and only truly belongs to himself. If it seems a situation is going sideways, he has absolutely no qualms about switching sides or abandoning a group altogether. His manner is casual, regardless of who he's speaking with - a side effect of being raised outside a conventional kingdom's reach. He doesn't care if you're a rogue, a ruler, or a god.

character history
Fluent in: German, Russian, English
Proficient in: Romanian
points log

current points: 18.00


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