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kingdoms of isfera


Cardinal territory: Rocky Point
Species preference: Callosus

The northernmost Kingdom lives in one of the coldest, harshest environments in Isfera. They live in the caverns overlooking the sea, and feed mostly on the nesting birds and arctic fish of the coast. These lions are massive and burly, and are more rugged and barbaric than most other Kingdoms. They are set in their beliefs and custom, and do not often waver. Of all the Kingdoms, they tend to be least likely to be welcoming to outsiders. It is a barren and harsh Kingdom, appealing often only to those who grew up there.


Cardinal territory: Cape Fear
Species preference: Callosus

While still cold and frigid, Eyrie is farther south than Wintervale, and is in a territory much less brutal. Cape Fear is also nestled along the coast, but the cliffs are not nearly as treacherous and allow access to the mainlands for hunting trips in the Expanse. While the winters are long and harsh here too, Eyrie is an easy place to reach, and is at the end of many blossoming trade routes leading to the north. The lions here tend to be friendlier than their northern counterparts, as Eyrie is steadily becoming a hub of activity and trade between the north and the south.


Cardinal territory: Nesslewood Range
Species preference: Praelia

Ashspire, staying true to its name, is the highest Kingdom in Isfera. Nestled between the peaks of Nesslewood Range, this Kingdom is distinguished by its two entrances. Flanked on each side by jagged peaks, there are only two routes in and out of the mainlands. Most lions here live among the mountainsides in caves and alcoves, but nestled in the middle is a large and flourishing grassland, soft under-paw and often shielded from the harsh weather. However, this puts Ashspire in constant fear of avalanches during the winter. The summers, in contrast, are pleasant and warm, with plenty of shade.


Cardinal territory: The Nesslewood
Species preference: Praelia

Reykir is also called the Shadow Kingdom, and for good reason. The endlessness of the Nesslewood and its large and formidable trees make it hard to find this secluded Kingdom, making it ideal for lions who wish to sequester themselves from the rest of the world. Despite the constant fog of the forest and the good chance of getting lost, the lions of Reykir often have measures of finding their way home by marking the large trunks. This territory is highly sought after otherwise, since it is rich with prey and has mild temperatures all year around.


Cardinal territory: Kaltoni Plains
Species preference: Praelia

Ciannid is the central-most Kingdom in Isfera, making it an ideal place to live. With mild temperatures all year round, and nestled in a flourishing land, Ciannid is a Kingdom that often sees a mix of all species coming to pass through or pilgrimage. However, prey and water often runs scarce in the plains, and brave adventurers must venture into the Mosmori Wilds in order to hunt and get water from Inasryn Lake. Oftentimes, Ciannid mothers will warn their cubs not to venture too far into the Mosmori Wilds, for beasts beyond imagining might lurk there.


Cardinal territory: Oxbow Peninsula
Species preference: Harenae

Surrounded by the salt and sea, Highmoore is a Kingdom that rely on swimming and fishing. With only one land bridge between Highmoore and the rest of the continent, and nestled in a farther corner of the south, Highmoore is often a forgotten place. Lions here are small and able-bodied, and the summers are often hot and sunny. Lions that live here typically have no fear of the water, and some are even said to have webbed paws. Highmoore is known for its beautiful beaches and delicious coconuts, fruits of which that are highly sought after for their magical properties.


Cardinal territory: Shengal Desert
Species preference: Harenae

The Desert Kingdom requires lions travel through the Deadlands. However, of all the Kingdoms, Akrar was one of the first to venture north. With lions slim-bodied and unafraid of the desert, it is easy for lions to leave Akrar for the north, but harder for newcomers to pass through without a proper guide. Lions are known to get dehydrated and lost in the deserts, and any who eat the cactus meat will often grow delusional and disoriented. Akrarian lions have long learned the deserts, and known the right paths back to safety.

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