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01-08-2018, 09:54 PM
welcome to Isfera!
The staff team would like to welcome you to Isfera's soft opening! You are free to sign up your account, begin your character details, and post your auditions. As a gift for participating in our soft opening, we are allowing your first two characters to be entirely free (barring the pelts Mauve, Rose, Dark Blue, Albinism, Melanism, and rogue cubs, and limiting to two mutations per character). In return, we ask that you please be patient and bare in mind the site may still have a few hidden bugs, and that we may change any of our processes and rules depending on usability and user feedback! Thank you so much for participating in our soft opening. We hope you enjoy Isfera as much as we do. Alongside this opening, we have a few announcements to make.

kingdom auditions
Isfera will be holding Kingdom auditions for the currently unlead Kingdoms: Ciannid. Anyone is welcome to audition, and you can choose to audition for multiple Kingdoms with different characters. We only ask that characters are the preferred species for the Kingdom. Anything else is encouraged! To get a gist of what the Kingdoms are like, read our Guidebook page for more information. Once you have a character and idea ready to go, fill out this form and PM it to Gods of Isfera:

OOC Name:
Character Name:

Magical Affinity: Magic or nonmagic
Magic Alignment: Good, neutral, evil, or nonmagic.




Plans for the Kingdom:

Kingdom laws:

litters and challenges
Currently, these two parts of the site are still under construction, and it is purposeful. For now, litters and challenges are both suspended, but we anticipate them being finished within a week! We will let you know when there's any updates and if there's any changes. All we can say is that litters and challenges will be different than other sites you may be used to, but we're working very hard to make sure it's enjoyable and fair to everyone!

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