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Kailua • Rogue OF Isfera
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01-15-2018, 03:29 PM

The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the animal kingdom, yet it has the fastest metabolism. In a way, Kailua was similar to a hummingbird -- despite her tiny size, she had a mean appetite. Her body simply burned through its fuel like fire on the dry plain, so she was always snacking. It was probably her body's way of producing more heat -- burn more energy, stay warmer -- which was very useful when she was swimming in the colder rapids of the Whitewater River.

Kailua had traveled north from the warm sea and beyond the mouth of the river, into the more turbulent current where delicious salmon could be found. The sea-nymph had captured fish after fish, mostly eating only its squishy middle and leaving the head and muscular tail for the other critters. There were some very pleased raccoons sitting in trees with free fish, and birds were fighting over the few she'd tossed on the shore.

But she'd eaten more than fish. There were clam shells nearby too -- a whole trail of them, leading up to the large, flat rock she was presently stretched out across. The little glutton was flat on her back, her front paws resting on her chest, holding a clam shell against her breast while she soaked in the sunshine. It felt warm on her pale, round belly, and though she wasn't normally one to laze about, between her large meal and the warm sunshine on her fur, she felt rather sleepy. What she needed was a post-lunch nap, now she'd nearly gorged her way into a food coma.

Groaning, feeling like she was about to pop, Kailua rolled her eyes into the back of her head and blinked them shut, relaxing with the sun on her belly and the sound of rushing water in her ears.


Marzi • Rogue OF Isfera
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01-21-2018, 01:10 PM
So far, this place seemed remarkably like home.

Marzi had done her fair share of travelling since things had started to change in Isfera and had gone through several kingdoms in a bid to find what she was looking for - the question of what she couldn't exactly answer - but this place looked the closest, she thought. Or at least the river did. Then again, didn't all rivers look the same?

The lioness was just exploring for the moment, seeing how this land fitted together. She was almost tempted to take a swim, but for the currents. She eyed them where she stood by the bank and stretched out a red paw, the water running through her fur. It was fast - too fast, really, for her. It looked deep, too. She didn't know this river, wasn't sure if it was known for sharp rocks. Marzi drew her paw back and stepped back from the edge, a few droplets from the river's spray cast along her coat. It was a curious amount of cautiousness from her, really. She was almost surprised at herself. Still, better surprised than drowned. She wasn't the strongest swimmer.

Just as she was thinking this she was sure she...she rose her head and sniffed the air. Yes - it was just as she thought. Her ears pricked. Rivers always smelt of fish, but for some reason there was a really, really strong fish smell - of water and fish parts baking in the sun, and...was that clams? Almost on cue her own stomach began to rumble. When was the last time she'd eaten? It felt like forever, but maybe if some fish had washed up... She set off at a merry jog, already imagining her teeth sliding into a fish. She followed the scent a little further downriver, down to the very mouth itself where the smell was coming from. It was noisier here, the sound of the water rushing down into the sea almost a clamour - not that the birds improved matters. Marzi looked ahead to see two fighting over what looked like a dead fish, already stripped of the nutritious parts. She just had to hope she wasn't also disappointed and there wasn't anything left.

As she broke onto the shore, though, that wasn't the only little surprise. The crimson woman blinked. It wasn't the fact that the other lioness was on her back, legs in different timezones and looking throughly pleased with herself that was the problem. It was that she was absolutely tiny. Marzi wasn't exactly the largest lioness out there - she wasn't even the largest of the Praelia - but even in comparison to herself this little lioness was so petite. She was so small it was hard to figure out what age she was - if she was an adult or even just a cub. She snorted and padded closer, a little smile gracing her features.

"Eaten enough fish?"

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