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Cardinal territory: Kaltoni Plains

Species preference: Praelia

Ciannid is the central-most Kingdom in Isfera, making it an ideal place to live. With mild temperatures all year round, and nestled in a flourishing land, Ciannid is a Kingdom that often sees a mix of all species coming to pass through or pilgrimage. However, prey and water often runs scarce in the plains, and brave adventurers must venture into the Mosmori Wilds in order to hunt and get water from Inasryn Lake. Oftentimes, Ciannid mothers will warn their cubs not to venture too far into the Mosmori Wilds, for beasts beyond imagining might lurk there.


Leadership Ranks
King: Sollee Chagrin

High Ranks
Apprentice Mages:

Working Ranks

Member Ranks

Member Count: 1

• - magic lion

Kingdom Laws
- Sollee's word is law above all else.
- Kingdom business is secret--even sharing names or ranks of members with strangers is prohibited.
- Claiming of others is encouraged, though allied kingdoms are not to be challenged
- magic lions are only allowed to hold working ranks, because tradition and definitely not because Sollee is scared of them overthrowing everyone.
- the Mosmori Wilds are off-limits during the night unless a patrol is sent
- mates in other kingdoms are allowed but discouraged, especially when there are children involved. Ideally you should bring your spouse to Ciannid, but Sollee would rather release a member to another kingdom than keep parents from cubs.

Group Culture
- feminist, the difference in genders is not taken into consideration.
- they all sleep in a communal pile
- yearly or seasonal "airing of grievances" is held to let off steam and increase good-will. Basically you beat each other up and yell a lot and then everyone gets drunk and is friends again.
- per tradition, prisoners are taken to the Mosmori Wilds at nightfall, bound, and abandoned. This is a method of leaving their fate up to the gods, who will either spare them from the Beasts Beyond Imagining or allow them to perish as an offering to spare Ciannid children.
- "it takes a village" mentality. Children are the most valued currency, and are to be raised by the entire pride in a group effort. Cubs are to regard one another as brothers and sisters regardless of lineage.

Wintervale: Unknown
Eyrie: Unknown
Ashspire: Unknown
Reykir: Unknown
Highmoore: Unknown
Akrar: Unknown

Kingdom Activity and History
March Y1
  • a little bit of devil — Sollee tells Corinna of Ciannid and invites her to join
  • love what you've done — Sollee claims Kaltoni Plains and calls for members
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