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01-24-2018, 11:27 PM
Water, it seems, is not an abundant resource within Isfera’s deserts, but this is an obvious fact known to any cat with even a half functioning brain. Prey, as well, know this to reign true. Due to this, large game is not an abundant resource within the Shengal territory. As a result, lions of Masozis species have adapted to hunt smaller, quicker creatures — and Masozi is quite good at hunting them in particular. Though, she finds that trade is a much more effective method to fill her constantly, rumbling, belly.

Instead of searching for another hare to kill, Masozi is often found in search of different desert-origin, medicinal plants and other valuables that may prove useful for lions in need of them. The reason her customers are in need of these plants doesnt matter to the feline. She just knows she’d rather eat a plump deer instead of hares and chirping insects. After all, there are many, far more capable, lions that could supply her with such a meal and the deserts many treasures were never in short supply.

Masozi mostly travels along the deep ravines and crevices of the many canyons nestled deep with the earth. It is far cooler to travel underground during daylight hours and it’s also here where she finds most of her bounty. She meticulously searches every nook and cranny, optimistic she’ll find something worth while for the next lion she stumbles across.

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01-28-2018, 12:58 PM
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Weary. Tired. Hungry. These three traits defined the lonely lioness in search of food. Her wooly, winter's coat helped little. A part of her felt like digging a hole in the sand and laying under the cooler sands below, but she was too tired to do so, and her determination to get out of here as soon as possible kept driving her forward. Having come from the West, the young woman had been in these deserts for a while--she was already starving before she got there, but the lack of sleep and weariness came to her within the desert. But, she was getting somewhere. The terrain was changing, and she could smell something faint and different than the dry, stinking scents of the desert.

An oasis?

She'd pick up her pace, but wanted to keep the energy in case she needed it. This was unknown territory she was stepping on. Who knows what could be here? In any event she came upon a beast bigger and stronger than her, she needed to be able to run, or at least look intimidating enough to scare it away. One good thing came out of her long coat in this situation: she didn't look like she was starving, and only those with a keen eye would be able to tell.

"Shit," the word flies through her maw uncalled for when a sudden, small jab of pain hits her left forepaw. Raising it up to see, she notices she had stepped on a piece of glass, partially hidden in the sand. Grimacing not out of pain, but out of anger, she lies down to lick simultaneously at the wound, and to use her other forepaw to bury the glass (and, therefore, her blood and scent), from any hungry predators who kight lurk nearby). A scraped pad will not stop her from traveling. The evening was still fresh, and she had to find water and food soon. So, she keeps on going.

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