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01-30-2018, 11:08 PM
welcome to Isfera!
The staff team would like to welcome you to Isfera's official grand opening! You are free to sign up your account, begin your character details, and post your auditions. As a gift for participating in our official opening, we are allowing your first two characters to be entirely free (barring the pelts Mauve, Rose, Dark Blue, Albinism, Melanism, and rogue cubs, and limiting to two mutations). Since we are still a new site there may be some bugs to be encountered, but you may reference the rest of the announcement below to see what we've cooked up from the soft opening until now. If you're having a difficult time picking a character design, you can always peruse our Free Character Designs thread for inspiration or to find your next character!

*Please remember in your audition to list that your character was free due to the grand opening event so that it's easier for us to track.

word count reminder!
While we do wholeheartedly welcome everyone to join and have fun, we'd also like to remind everyone that there is a 250 word count minimum on posts on the regular boards. There is a section on-site for "quick" roleplays which do not have to meet this minimum. We feel very passionately about our roleplay and understand that sometimes it's difficult to meet this requirement, however we have seen fantastic results and will continue forward with it. If you find yourself struggling at all, please reach out to us and we are always eager and willing to help. One really big item we have that helps people achieve this is that we have three unique species here, how will your character feel, how does the different environment affect them? etc

our immersive culture!
Isfera is a large land with its own lore, culture, and backstory. We'd really appreciate it if everyone could familiarize themselves with the guidebook and keep your characters' histories, developments, and profiles in line with this. Remember that magic is optional, as is belief in the goddesses and gods we have outlined, these are all items to diversify our roleplay and if they're not for you that's perfectly fine, characters do not have to fit one mold in order to be brought here! We enjoy everyone's interpretations of it, but if you're struggling or need so help answering questions we are always available for that.

*As per the Guidebook, characters do not yet know about Daivat and Rowtag, however, with the grand opening we will officially begin the IC events with these special, dark characters! (Our Goddesses will also have their own events!)

prides and leadership!
Since we have officially opened any characters in leader positions will now be expected to maintain the leadership requirements, namely that leaders must post at least five times every seven days. For the remainder of them you may look here: requirements. Please note that any leaders which fail this will be removed and we will find alternatives or allow characters to claim the freed up lands icly. If there are any questions please don't hesitate to contact staff about leadership and the requirements.

litters and fighting!
For right now these two aspects of our site have not been completed yet. Right now we are working off of a 'seasons' system for breeding and litters - the site will be starting off in 'birthing' season, which means that no new litters will be allowed. Our seasons will change intermittently, and we will have a whole guide to litters & reproduction on-site in the coming weekend. This being said our seasons will officially begin counting down, and our double time will also begin! This means that for every 1 OOC month, 2 IC months pass.

As for fighting we're allowing any fights to occur, though for right now none will be 'official' or judged until we can get our fighting system fully written out and posted for everyone to see and for our judges to understand thoroughly. You are still welcome to have fights occur icly, we just ask that you either roleplay it out or pre-determine the results until we have the fighting system fully posted, also being worked on for this weekend. If you'd also like we can always do dice-rolls to determine winners until then.

new powers, new suggestions!
We have added some additional powers that weren't available during the soft open (shield & shadow), though this doesn't mean that is a cap. We are always looking for ways to improve the site & always enjoy getting feedback from our members. Our community here thrives off of suggestions and we'd like to build it together with everyone. If you have any suggestions please post in the FAQ board, we'll always keep our eyes open so we can implement new things, doesn't necessarily have to be limited to powers!

moderators and judges!
With the site grand opening occurring we'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that in the site news board there are applications open for anyone wishing to apply to be a moderator or a judge (or both). We'd love to bring some more people on board the staff team to help keep Isfera active, updated, & fun!

advertising contest!
As a special grand opening event we're also hosting an advertisement contest! For this contest we will be giving everyone ten points for every advertisement they post on another site! All you need to do is PM a staffer a link to your advertisement. We ask that you be courteous and respect other sites' advertising rules, as there will (hopefully) be many of you participating just be careful that you aren't double-advertising on any sites.
The contest will run for a complete month! If you want to keep a running tally of your advertisements and send us compiled lists, by all means go ahead and do so. We have no requirements for when you have to submit for your points, just be sure to keep track so it's easy for us to verify the amount of points being requested.

Our advertisement can be located here. Remember that some sites use [dohtml] so always post-preview so you know it came out appropriate (shorter advertisements (such as just posting the picture with the link back to isfera) are fine, so long as people can get a clear link back to the site! :) )

**** As a last statement, our in-character contests (our of the months) will begin within the next few weeks so really get to know your roleplay partners, who knows who will be our first official winners!

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