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02-10-2018, 01:12 PM

Strong winds pushed against her but Morana kept herself on her feet, with a little help with her ability to control air, however she wasn't strong enough to stop it all together just enough to help ease off the wind that keep herself on her feet; claws digging into the ground. She wasn't sure why she was even here. Morana had never been in this direction though if she was truly honest with herself that would have been a lie. The Eyrie was in this direction but Morana wasn't going to the Eyrie. She wasn't here to see Vadimas and woo him with her good looks. No, Morana was here to explore and see what other creatures she could find.

So, she walked through the white terrain like it was no bodies business. Violet eyes bright with delight and excitement though her mind kept venturing back to her encounter with Nikiri. She had never asked about her father. Had never sought to seek him out if he was here. She had no issues with not having a father figure in her life, she had grown up without one so why have one now? But the idea of meeting her father and seeing if her mother's words would ring true in her words, was another adventure Morana was willing to take. She enjoyed adventures. Risks, anything that brought her boring royal self to life without dealing to much damage. But she was always up for something risky lie that. Only to find it boring.

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