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The creation of Ashspire, under the rule of Jafar Frei, is one that is built on the premise of loyalty, strength and furthering the individual for the sake of the collective. A place to watch the growth of its members of all ages, size, magic class and preference of worship. Praise is often given to those that continue to work on flourishing within the kingdom so that its strength with continue to grow. Since Davait’s destruction, Ashspire has lost many of its dutiful soldiers and denmothers with the King’s only hope being that they can rebuild what has been lost. Spread the word of your Kingdom and we can conquer together!


Leadership Ranks
King: Jafar
Queen/Sovereign: ---
Heir: ---

High Ranks
Lord/Lady/Warden: ---
Commander: ---
Adviser: ---
Shaman: ---
Apprentice Mages: ---

Working Ranks
Soldiers: ---
Mages: ---
Scouts: ---
Hunters: ---

Working Ranks
Civilians: Jendayi
Teens: ---
Cubs: ---
Captives/Slaves: ---

• Respect given where it is earned; the king places high value on those that have pledged their loyalty and seek to gain. It is hard to earn but not impossible, those that do will reap reward.
• Any rank may be challenged for and is heavily encouraged to do so. The leaders have the ability to deny a challenge should they see reason to.
• Use it or lose it; the pride is important and the King will not allow someone to hold a high rank without using it. If you are spotted not making use of your rank then you will be stripped of it until further notice. Recruit, claim, challenge -- do not question an allies claim or be reprimanded.
• Males are, in essence, more powerful than the female voice with the exclusion of a Queen. The king holds her in high regard for her position. Females that wish to leave the pride will have to fight for their freedom or obtain a trade -- women that are pregnant or have young children will require a trade (1 lion/ess for 2 children).
• Do not cause harm where it is unnecessary. Do not pick a fight that you cannot finish.


Tango with Two –
• Upon a character’s ascent to the adult ranks, the yearlings will be sent to the Temple Crest where they will look to present themselves and their magical gifts to the goddesses. While not enforced, Jafar will endeavor to see his members worship one or both gods, to give them guidance.

Change of the Season –
• Upon a shift in season, the pride will hold a ritual to the goddesses and give forth an offering for their givings. It would be preferable if the entire pride participates whether they support a goddess or not ( offerings are optional ) , but not enforced.

Wintervale: Unknown
Eyrie: Unknown
Reykir: Unknown
Ciannid: Unknown
Highmoore: Unknown
Akrar: Unknown

Kingdom Activity and History
  • quest — Pushing through the boundaries of Isfera, the King stumbles across a young woman blessed in the art of light and healing.
    Desperate to begin the rebuild of Ashspire, he welcomes her into his Kingdom with the intent to further teach her the way.
  • discover — While out on another land patrol, he finds a woman that belongs to another Kingdom called Wintervale. What will this news bring to Ashspire?
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