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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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The Eyrie

♛ Vadimas • King OF Eyrie
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The Kingdom of Eyrie
Hidden and secluded within the northeastern corner of Isfera lies Cape Fear, containing one of the most dangerous prides in the valley. Ruled with an iron fist (some may call it a dictatorship, though Vadimas believes this is not the case), the tight-knit lions who belong to the Eyrie harbor safely on the outskirts of the fishing village, which is often a key-point for their food source. Hidden high up in the mountains, lions here are made of muscle and tend to keep to themselves, often feeding on the polar bears and arctic wolves that slip into their grasp. Upon first glance lions would not suspect a pride to reside here with all the hustle and bustle, but this is not the case. Ruled by Vadimas Severin, he believes those that are lucky enough to be allowed into his pride are that of a strong aurora and are often of an ill-nature. Many lions are known assassins, mercenaries and barbarians.

12th January: Vadimas Severin becomes King of the Eyrie. May his reign be long and successful.


Leadership Ranks
High King: Vadimas Severin
Queen: - - -
Heir: - - -

High Ranks
Lord/Lady/Warden: - - -
Commander: - - -
Adviser: - - -
Shaman: - - -
Apprentice Mages: - - -

Working Ranks
Soldiers: - - -
Mages: - - -
Scouts: - - -
Hunters: - - -

Member Ranks
Civilians: - - -
Teens: - - -
Cubs: - - -
Captives/Slaves: - - -

Member Count: 1

  • Vadimas’ word goes. He makes the rules, and he expects everyone to follow them as if they were sod’s law. If someone is to disobey his laws or attempt (successful or not) to undermine his position, the appropriate punishment will be delivered without remorse or regret.
  • Any rank may be challenged for, besides his own. Yes, that’s right, any rank. Hard working members are favoured over slackers, and Vadimas likes to see a little bloodshed from members who are willing to bleed for what they want. He did, and he expects the rest of his members to do the same. Members who do not pull their weight will lose their rank, regardless of their activity.
  • His pride will be a Severin stronghold, even though there is only one of him currently. He welcomes all that have earnt the family name and expects them not to be challenged upon arrival at his borders. Ensure you escort them to him imminently.
  • Ranked members are expected to utilize their power and position. Recruiting is important, and claim at will – from allies or enemies. The stronger the pride, the stronger it’s members and for Vadimas that is important. For him, strength comes in numbers.
  • Vadimar cares not who you mate with, so long as it is not rape. Ensure you tell him if you are expecting so he can organise the appropriate stocks etc. Rape is not tolerated whatsoever, and if a lion (or lioness, we don’t discriminate) is found guilty of such a crime, s/he shall be removed of their dignity and cast out. Zero tolerance.
  • Members may do as they please, if it benefits the pride. If it doesn’t benefit the pride, don’t do it.

  • Rituals and Ceremonies
  • Coming of age. When cubs reach their first birthday, they will be removed from the responsibility of their parents and assumed to the management of Vadimas. He only values the strongest of members, and the key often lies in the children. A two-week tournament will take places between the yearlings, by which three separate challenges will take place. The first will test their endurance, the second their strength and the third their intelligence. These challenges will be decided by Vadimas himself as it will be him that decides where exactly these lions place within his ranks. No changes are made for the gender of the contestants, as it is fair and equal for all.
  • Bloodship. This happens when an individual joins the pride. To make sure that all lions are truly loyal to the pride, they will have a marking carved into their right shoulder, a mark to validate their membership and loyalty to Vadimas. This way, he can sift through those who joined because they fancied it and those who joined to benefit his cause. This event will happen in mass, when more than five members have joined at any one time.
  • Bonding. This is a ceremony between two individuals, commonly known as marriage. Organised by Vadimas (unless the couple have a strong objection to this and wish a family member to lead the ceremony), he will conduct it in a manner no different to what he knows. The woman will be expected to devour a bull’s heart and the male kill a small animal of some description, usually a zebra foal or similar. The pair will then be bound in blood by the slitting of their paw pads, and bound in matrimony.
  • Funerals. The death of a pride member is a rare occurrence, and one which is valued within the pride. A burning sacrament will take place where the body will be burnt and offered to the gods. Prayers will be said and two lions, most likely family, will sit vigil for the night afterwards to mourn the lion/esses death on behalf of the rest of the pride.

  • Relations
    Wintervale: Unknown
    Ashspire: Unknown
    Reykir: Unknown
    Ciannid: Unknown
    Highmoore: Unknown
    Akrar: Unknown

    Kingdom Activity and History
  • thread title here — Short description here.
  • thread title here — Short description here.

  • Warning/Disclaimer
    Lions here are likely to be of an ill-nature, rude and arrogant. Enter at your own risk!

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