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Reykir is also called the Shadow Kingdom, and for good reason. The endlessness of the Nesslewood and its large and formidable trees make it hard to find this secluded Kingdom, making it ideal for lions who wish to sequester themselves from the rest of the world. Despite the constant fog of the forest and the good chance of getting lost, the lions of Reykir often have measures of finding their way home by marking the large trunks. This territory is highly sought after otherwise, since it is rich with prey and has mild temperatures all year around.


Leadership Ranks
King: Ahriman Kvasir
Queen/Sovereign: Name here
Heir: Name here

High Ranks
Warden: Name here
Commander: Name here
Adviser: Name here
Shaman: Name here
Apprentice Mages: Name here

Working Ranks
Soldiers: Name here
Mages: Name here
Scouts: Name here
Hunters: Name here

Member Ranks
Civilians: Name here
Teens: Name here
Cubs: Name here
Captives/Slaves: Name here

Member Count: 1

  • All members must be worshipers of Danica or Livana, magical or not doesn't matter.
  • Members should display faith, loyalty, and respect to one another.
  • Ranks will be handed out accordingly or may be challenged for, however the three leaders may see fit to halt said challenges.
  • Sex and power do not correlate, the pride is highly spiritual and as such a connection to the gods, spirits, and earth is revered.
  • Allied prides are to be respected, though if there is due reason this may be breached.
  • Any important news should be relayed to theleaders. If concealment of information is discovered it is a punishable offense.
  • Your pride members should be likened to family and should come before other prides or rogues.
  • In order to leave one must seek permission from one of the three leaders, abandonment of faith and pride are highly frowned upon if they are not for good reason.

  • Rituals
    Dance of the Fawns Every year when the meteor showers are at their peak all the youth from the pride up to the age of 8 months will be gathered in the hours just before dawn. The high ranking adults will gather around them and the rest of the pride will form a circle and pray. As the prayers and magic begin the young ones will fall into a trance and begin the dance of the goddesses, continuing until they have been appeased. On bad years it has been rumored a sacrifice must be made in order to appease them.
    Moondust Festival In devotion to Livana the pride gathers on the longest night of the year, the winter solstice, to pray to them. During this ritual they will honor the goddess and pray so that her good will may look down upon them. Those with the most magical experience will perform before the entire pride, bathing in the moonlight and summoning the gods to make an appearance.
    Feast of the Sun During the summer solstice in honor of good life, spirits, and health, the pride will gather and feast while worshipping her grace Danica.

    Wintervale: Unknown
    Eyrie: Unknown
    Ashspire: Unknown
    Reykir: Unknown
    Ciannid: Unknown
    Highmoore: Unknown
    Akrar: Unknown

    Kingdom Activity and History
  • thread title here — Short description here.
  • thread title here — Short description here.

  • heed the warnings
    & true devotion to evil, daivat, or rowtag are seen as disgraces upon the natural order of the world, as such members that do not disclose this will be exiled or killed depending on the severity of the betrayal.
    & any lions that are not believers of danica or livana are seen as suspicious and untustworthy, and will not be granted alliances nor aid, regardless of magical affinity.
    & trespassers will be greeted with caution, though the nesslewood is no place for strangers to go roaming, it is considered sacred to the inhabitants.

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