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march, y1 (spring)
The harsh winter has passed and given way to a mild spring. The north remains frigid and cold and the south remains starved of water, but the extreme temperatures and storms are slowly beginning to subside. Vegetation is beginning to grow where once it was too cold, and the rains are returning to the deserts previously plagued with wintry drought.

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Ivizzi • Rogue OF Isfera
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played by graive

01-13-2018, 12:52 AM

Ivizzi stood outside the marker for the Kingdom. It was strong, new. The kingdom in which she grew up had a new leader. It made her stomach churn, in truth. Worry creased her brow, and the instinct to slip further into the territory was there, but she held back. It would only get her into trouble, which was something she couldn't afford right now. Teeth clicked together softly, nostrils flared as she took in the scents; memorizing them and storing them for later. Who was this stranger?

Ears swept back as a gentle coo escaped those silver lips of hers. Wings shuffled against her back and shoulders, the feathers ruffling lightly. Taking a deep breath, Ivizzi's lungs felt too tight suddenly as she called out to the King, attempting to touch his mind, You have a visitor, King. Voice was a soft melody of sound, caressing and musical within the confines of one's mind. It was a gift she had grown to master in order to communicate with others of her kind. Sky Language wasn't so easy for others to learn.


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